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Building the future - National Careers Week

11 June 2018 Written by Olivia Stephenson
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As it’s National Careers Week this week, I thought I’d write a short piece about how Adderstone Group helps young people progress their careers, by offering work experience opportunities.


We’ve recently had the pleasure of having Mercedes Main (pictured), a Gateshead College business student, on placement with us. I first met Mercedes at a careers event at the college, where she impressed me with her professionalism, intelligence and confidence. She spoke about how she was keen to explore marketing as a potential career path. We had no hesitation in offering her a work experience placement; there are only two of us in the marketing team at Adderstone Group and we can always use an extra pair of hands to share the workload!

During her time with us, Mercedes produced lots of thought-provoking content for our digital channels in the form of news articles, blog posts, e-newsletters and she was confident enough to post on many of our social media pages. 

Mercedes worked predominately on the marketing for our student and young professional letting agency, Exchange Residential. Mercedes’ age and demographic meant she was a key audience for Exchange Residential. Having her on board was a great opportunity to get an insight into this audience and check our marketing campaign was relevant.

Mercedes attended photoshoots at various developments for students and young professionals and even posed as a model in one of the shoots at Jesmond Exchange, our Brooklyn-style loft apartments in Jesmond.  She demonstrated her ability to use design and digital software, helping edit and resize photos in Photoshop which were then shared on websites and social media pages.

Mercedes has a great attitude to work and I’ve no doubt that she’ll do well in her career. It has certainly benefited our business from having her on board and I hope other companies follow our lead. There should be more incentives to encourage businesses to provide work experience opportunities for young people. Some companies can be hesitant because they mistakenly believe it will be a drain on their resources, but that wasn’t the case with Mercedes. She quickly understood any briefs that I gave her and completed tasks to a high standard with minimum supervision.

Work experience placements are good for business. They get young people work-ready and give companies access to skills, enthusiasm and passion that can benefit their business. We urge employers to be more open to working with Gateshead College and other education providers to create these opportunities; Mercedes is a shining example of the benefits it can generate. 

If you’re interested in offering a Gateshead College student a work experience placement, give them a call on 0191 490 2264.

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Liv Stephenson

Digital Marketing Manager

Adderstone Group


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