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My placement year with Adderstone Group

16 August 2017 Written by Charlie Harkness
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I’m one of the few people in my year that decided to do a placement – and I’m so glad that I did. My year at Adderstone Group has been really enjoyable, and has gone beyond everything I expected a placement to be.


I have worked on many different projects within our small team, which has given me invaluable experience in many different competencies. My daily tasks usually revolve around property management, rating, agency and advisory, however there have been more than a few times when my workload has drastically changed, due to the nature of the business and the direction of the company.

One thing that I have particularly enjoyed is agreeing new leases with tenants for our commercial properties. It is great to work with someone from the initial viewing phase, right through to the completion of the lease. As a team, we have agreed deals with many new tenants, at both Quay West Business Village and Maling Court. This is good for the tenants, as it allows their business to grow and succeed, and good for the landlord, as it increases the strength and value of the portfolio of properties.

The best thing about a placement at Adderstone Group is that you are always meeting new people, making new friends, and gathering important contacts for the future. Help is always available from every division within the group, whether it be accounts, marketing, or construction, you always know that people will try their hardest to assist you.

I cannot wait to get stuck into my final year at university, armed with the knowledge and experience that this year has given me. I am in no doubt that I am in a much better position than I would have been, had I gone straight from 2nd to final year, because I now have a more in depth understanding of certain areas of the property industry.

I am lucky enough to have been offered a permanent role within the commercial estates team, working here four days a week and attending university one day a week. This has given me real confidence and belief in the work that I am currently doing and the feeling of being a valued member of the team is amazing. 


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