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04 August 2017 Written by Millie Riley

As I am starting my first year of sixth form in September I am required to make decisions about my future, however as a 16-year-old with no understanding of the job I wish to pursue yet, these decisions may be rather challenging, showing the need for as much work experience as possible. 


My one-week work placement at Adderstone Group allowed me to understand the different departments necessary in a large company, such as the marketing team, the development team, the financial team and many more. I was able to see how they all work together to support each other. This was beneficial for me as it enabled me to understand the jobs that seemed most attractive and the environment that I would be best suited to work in on a day-to-day basis.

As my placement was centred around the marketing team I focused on updating the social media pages, websites and emailing targeted audiences. In my placement, I went on many site trips, my favourite being a current project `Jesmond Exchange`, which is accommodation aimed at students and young professionals. The target audience is similar to my age category which meant I could confidently blog and post events on social media pages which would appeal to potential customers. The site visits made all of the designs and images I had uploaded onto social media accounts become more realistic and I could understand what I was marketing in a more personal approach.

Overall my week at Adderstone Group has allowed me to understand office life and learn that marketing is a career I will consider after I have finished my A-levels at school.

By Millie Riley, Newcastle High School for Girls


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