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13 July 2016 Written by Tom King
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“Why bother?” seems like the common phrase amongst University students halfway through their second year. Often coupled up with “I just want to get this course done” and “I did a month last summer so I’m alright”, it seems as though the majority of students would rather avoid a placement year all together.


Why bother? The simple answer is because it matters. A year in industry, whether it is construction, computing, residential lettings or marketing, it all matters. It matters because you will probably never be required to learn so quickly, for the rest of your life.

You will find out if this industry is truly for you. Being mollycoddled in a warm and comfortable lecture theatre gives you the theory, but not the practical experience required for an individual to succeed within their field. This is what a placement gives you. The frank and sometimes harsh reality of surviving in the working world is something you will adapt to so much easier after a placement. Why? Because you have done it all before! No one is claiming you will be an expert, in fact, far from it, but you will leave your placement a far more rounded individual within your chosen field, if you complete a year in industry.

Step in Taemar. One of the leading construction and facilities management providers in the North East of England, Taemar stands proudly within the Adderstone Group ranks. An ever growing beast, the construction industry needs experienced and passionate companies such as Taemar in order to keep developing. The construction industry demands Taemar, in turn Taemar demands of you.

As a placement student you are expected to become as immersed from the first minute you arrive and this makes the whole experience worth it. You will become involved in every type of construction you can imagine. From pricing small kitchen renovations, to designing site plans for a £3.1m blue chip contract. Taemar offers it all to you as an individual and creates a competitive team player. If you want to learn the ins and outs of the construction industry and become a part of an exciting company, Taemar is the place for you. 


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