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Our Approach

At Adderstone Group we believe that the long-term future of our business is best served by respecting the interests of all our stakeholders: staff, customers, partners, investors, suppliers and the wider community in which we operate.

We seek to align our corporate social responsibility with wider business development plans, intrinsically linking these plans with our future decision making, objectives and values, and enabling us to run our business conscientiously and to the effect of achieving long term success.

We hope that by leveraging our company’s strengths, we will be able to raise awareness of the importance of environmental responsibility and encourage our staff and the communities in which we exist to contribute towards the development of social responsibility on a broader spectrum.

The ambition of Adderstone Group is to be the ‘go to’ contact on issues related to the sustainability and future of property development and construction. We hope that through proactive engagement with experts and the community, we can shape and be prepared for any issues that may happen in the industry during the coming years, enhancing our own reputation and becoming an industry expert in responsible development.



We are constantly looking to improve how we operate within the business. Our values are the key to enabling us to create a framework from which to make sound commercial and ethical decisions for the future, and to help us to retain and attract talented, like-minded colleagues and partners.

As one of the leading property, development and construction firms in the North East we take a long-term approach to what we do. We are committed to striving for the best and use our expertise to stand ahead within the sector.

At the heart of our work is a focus on mutual respect, whether it is for colleagues, customers, partners, competitors, communities or our clients.



We offer defined learning and career opportunities to all of our staff, investing time and money in staff training tailored to the requirements of each specific employee, the needs of their job role and future ambitions.

Over the last 10 years, we have welcomed more than 60 graduates into the Group across all divisions, giving them their first experience of a professional working environment and enabling them to make a valuable contribution towards the business.

Many of the graduates we have welcomed have remained at Adderstone Group following their placement years or returned to the business on completion of their degree courses.

Adderstone Group also actively supports a thriving apprenticeship scheme which has developed two-fold successes for the business. Our apprentices are able to learn on the job, building confidence and knowledge, whilst the Group benefits from an excellent route to harness fresh new talent.

As a leader in our sector, it is our responsibility to engage with young people and encourage them to consider a career in our industry. We work in partnership with both Newcastle and Northumbria Universities to provide opportunities for young people and to offer an insight into working life.



The Adderstone Foundation, the charity arm of Adderstone Group, was formally set up in 2007 to support and provide funds for important charities and causes both throughout the North East and further afield.

The Foundation’s vision is to work within four key areas; health, education, community and sport, to help raise funds and awareness that will improve lives and give opportunities to many hundreds of people. This support appears in a number of forms including sponsorship, donations and creating special experiences.


Local community

Adderstone Group take a long term approach to investing in places and creating communities. We frequently transform derelict sites and brownfield land to create better places for people to live and work.

We make efforts to engage extensively with community representatives in the locations where we are undertaking development work to ensure a collaborative approach and a brighter future, and we will obtain a range of views on our social and environmental policies and performance as our development projects require.


Suppliers and contractors

We aim to build long-term relationships with our suppliers and contractors. We are committed to the prompt settlement of accounts and we support our business partners by guiding them through the demands of environmental and health and safety legislation. We also work with our suppliers to raise their own standards of environmental performance and social responsibility.


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