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Adderstone Group is one of the UK’s fastest-growing, privately owned property development companies.

Born out of the entrepreneurial vision of Ian Baggett, who completed his first property development on the back of a £2,000 inheritance in 1994, Adderstone Group was formally established in 1999.

Adderstone Group is a dynamic and passionate residential and commercial property development company with a commitment to sourcing development and regeneration opportunities and a vision for ‘creating place from space’.

At Adderstone Group we are committed to a focus on sustainability and ensuring that, throughout all of our developments, we create and deliver exceptional places that improve and regenerate the areas where they exist. We deliver commercial and residential solutions that stand the test of time. We do this by working in partnership with the communities local to our developments and by valuing the people that work on our projects.


Since 1999 Adderstone Group has grown exponentially and is now synonymous with property development, progressing a UK wide portfolio after initially focussing on development in the North East of England.

Alongside our property development focus, the Group includes thriving and forward-thinking Construction, Management, Investment and Estates divisions all which provide collaboration with the fundamental activities of the business in property led markets. This means we can continue to utilise Group synergies as well as provide solid support infrastructure for core activities and third party clients.

Headquartered in Newcastle upon Tyne, companies operating within the Adderstone Group of businesses employ in excess of 200 people.

Adderstone Group has in excess of £1 billion worth of assets currently under management and a £100 million development portfolio of works in pipeline.

Our vision remains the same as that which was in place at the start of the company, to create place from space, to regenerate, to be dynamic and to be innovative in every development project we undertake.



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