Giving Back

We are more than a property business. We are committed to acting responsibly in the communities in which we operate; both through our work and charitable contributions.
Our Foundation has, to date, contributed over half a million pounds to good causes. Our economic footprint comprises thousands of jobs, homes and workplaces. Our social housing division, Adderstone Living, creates sustainable, thriving communities in locations where they are needed most.

Giving Back

Adderstone Foundation

The Adderstone Foundation is the charity arm of Adderstone Group.

After almost a decade of growing the company’s residential and commercial portfolio and supporting causes close to our hearts on an impromptu basis, the Adderstone Foundation was set up in 2007 to provide a more efficient and targeted way for us to support the community.

The Adderstone Foundation, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, supports and provides funds for important charities and causes. The Foundation doesn’t just focus on the North East; it aims to make a positive impact on people’s lives both within the UK and further afield.

Since its inception, the Foundation has supported a wealth of charitable beneficiaries and has contributed £504,000 via donations and contributions across four key areas, including health, education, community and sport.

The Foundation is proud to support and have witnessed the growth of one of the UK’s largest visually impaired tennis clubs, the North East Visually Impaired Tennis Club (NEVITC), amongst other causes.


Visit here to find out more about the many projects and causes The Adderstone Foundation supports.

The aim of our Foundation has always been to ‘make good stuff happen’. We’ve witnessed first-hand the journey many of our benefactors have been on and the positive impact the Foundation has had.

Ian Baggett Foundation Chairman

CSR & Sustainability

Taking responsibility

We believe that the long-term future of our business is best served by respecting the interests of all our stakeholders: staff, clients, partners, investors, suppliers and the wider community in which we operate.

We align our corporate social responsibility with wider business development plans, linking these plans with our future decision making, objectives and values, and enabling us to run our business conscientiously to the effect of achieving long term success.

We hope that by leveraging our company’s strengths, we are able to raise awareness of the importance of environmental responsibility and encourage our staff and the communities in which we operate to contribute towards the development of social responsibility on a broader platform.

Through proactive engagement with experts and the community, we are confident we can shape and be prepared for any issues that may happen in the industry during the coming years, enhancing our own reputation and becoming an industry expert in responsible development.

Investing in our team

We offer defined learning and career opportunities to all staff, investing in staff training tailored to the requirements of each specific employee, the needs of their job role and future ambitions.

Over the last 10 years, we have welcomed more than 100 graduates into the Group across all divisions, giving them their first experience of a professional working environment and enabling them to make a valuable contribution towards the business.

Many of the graduates we have welcomed have remained at Adderstone Group following their placement years or returned to the business on completion of their degree courses.

Adderstone Group also actively supports a thriving apprenticeship scheme which has developed two-fold successes for the business. Our apprentices are able to learn on the job, building confidence and knowledge, whilst the Group benefits from an excellent route to harness fresh, new talent.

As a leader in our sector, it is our responsibility to engage with young people and encourage them to consider a career in our industry. We work in partnership with Newcastle, Durham and Northumbria Universities to provide opportunities for young people and to offer an insight into working life.

Creating communities

Adderstone Group takes a long-term approach to investing in places and creating communities. We enjoy the challenge of transforming derelict sites and brownfield land to create better places for people to live and work.

We make efforts to engage extensively with community representatives in the locations where we are undertaking development work to ensure a collaborative approach and a brighter future.

Our Economic Footprint

We operate to make places better and we are proud of the homes, jobs and investment the business has generated. In 2020, our 20th year, Lichfields Planning and Development Consultancy carried out a project to assess the economic impact of Adderstone Group since inception. Here are some of the highlights…


sq. ft. commercial floorspace developed or held as an investment

1,734,318 sq. ft. commercial floorspace developed or held as an investment

people living in homes developed by Adderstone Group

3,686 people living in homes developed by Adderstone Group

residential units developed

959 residential units developed

work placements and apprenticeships completed

110 work placements and apprenticeships completed

(to date)

charitable contributions

£504,000 charitable contributions

(to date)

business tenants

141 business tenants

Construction Benefits

construction costs

£500m construction costs

(total construction cost adjusted for inflation)

economic output

£1.1bn economic output

(additional GVA per annum)

construction jobs

7,900 construction jobs

(jobs per annum)

supply chain jobs

10,865 supply chain jobs

(indirect/induced ‘spin-off’ jobs supported)

Operational and Expenditure Benefits

economic output

£458m economic output

(additional GVA per annum)

direct jobs

7,090 direct jobs

(additional jobs resulting from developments and investment by Adderstone Group)

supply chain jobs

3,190 supply chain jobs

(indirect/induced jobs resulting from developments and investment by Adderstone Group)

combined resident and student expenditure

£17.0m combined resident and student expenditure

(within local shops and services per annum)

supported jobs

275 supported jobs

(from increased resident and student expenditure in local area)

first occupation expenditure

£5.3m first occupation expenditure

(spending to make a house ‘feel like a home’)

Local Authority Revenue Benefits

business rate revenues paid by Adderstone Group and businesses operating out of Adderstone Group owned commercial property

£54.8m business rate revenues paid by Adderstone Group and businesses operating out of Adderstone Group owned commercial property

(received to date)

council tax revenues

£8.9m council tax revenues

(received to date)

new homes bonus payments

£5.0m new homes bonus payments

(over a 4 year period)

Adderstone Living Logo

Building Neighbourhoods

The UK’s national housing crisis has never commanded so much coverage, and rightly so. In 2020, Adderstone Group launched its dedicated social housing division, Adderstone Living, to make its contribution towards tackling the crisis by building affordable and extra care housing solutions.

Working with key social housing providers, Adderstone Living aims to deliver hundreds of homes and contribute to new neighbourhoods across the North East.

Adderstone Living’s unique, ‘land led’ solutions involve the sourcing of suitable land, scheme design and securing of planning permissions before delivering quality homes, working collaboratively with local authority or housing association clients.

The company is headed up by Directors Stephen McCoy and Peter Galbraith, both whom have a wealth of expertise in managing some of the largest affordable housing partnerships in the North.

Read more about Adderstone Living’s social housing projects here

To discuss social housing partnerships, contact Adderstone Living

Stephen McCoy

Stephen McCoy Director, Adderstone Living