Funding approved to remove cladding on Quayside building

25 March 2022
Funding approved to remove cladding on Quayside building

Adderstone Group is pleased to announce that its Appeal for eligibility of the Building Safety Fund (BSF) at St Ann’s Quay has been successful. The BSF provides assistance to residential leaseholders and seeks to remediate dangerous cladding following the Grenfell Tower fire.

Formal approval notification was received from the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Appeal Board on 21 March 2022. This now enables Adderstone Group to access vital funding and work with the government delivery partner, Homes England, to plan the removal and replacement of the combustible cladding.

The Appeal, lodged on 9 November 2021, follows the rejection of the original application made shortly after Adderstone Group acquired the building on 29 June 2021. Despite being initially rejected by the BSF, Adderstone Group remained resolute that the building met the criteria for the fund. The Group has lobbied various government bodies to try and get their application considered, including contacting government ministers and local MPs.

The 10 storey building, constructed by Robertsons in 2003, comprises both residential apartments and commercial office space and is partially clad with combustible material at upper levels. The cost of the remediation works is likely to be in excess of £4m.

Kate Grant, Director of Estates at Adderstone Group, said:

“The safety of the residents and occupiers of St Ann’s Quay has always been our priority. Since the day we acquired the property last June, we have invested significant time and effort to prove that it met the criteria and that its cladding is eligible for government funding. At a cost of over £200,000 we assembled and managed  a new project team of technical experts in order to provide further specialist evidence to support our Appeal. We funded these costs ourselves as we were confident that we had a valid claim.

We are in the process of refurbishing the offices, which is the start of a comprehensive upgrade of space that has been empty for years, and with several new tenants about to move into the building, this is welcome news to everyone in St Ann’s Quay. We look forward to getting the works underway to give everyone peace of mind regarding the safety of their homes and our building.”


To enquire about the last remaining office suite at St Ann’s Quay, please enquire with our commercial team.