Adderstone Group

Construction Overview

The enablement of construction and regeneration has been synonymously linked with Adderstone Group since the company's inception.

After years of company growth, Adderstone Group’s need for support businesses operating in the construction field to help facilitate projects became inevitable. Adderstone Group’s construction division was borne out of the Group’s direct requirements for construction and manufacturing capability to support its Development activities.

Rather than putting projects out to tender, Adderstone Group recognised the many advantages of having access to its own construction expertise.

Difficult projects were procured with the flexibility, skills and cost savings that only a direct labour force can provide. Tight deadlines and ambitious programmes were met as a result of continued and direct involvement in construction. This excellent understanding of the construction process and the ability to be able to see development projects through to completion, in turn, reassured joint venture partners and investors.

With development projects growing bigger and more ambitious, Adderstone Group now holds interest in a number of construction and manufacturing fields through companies that provide synergy with Adderstone Group’s Development division.


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