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The UK’s national housing crisis has never commanded so much coverage, and rightly so. In 2020, Adderstone Group launched its dedicated social housing division, Adderstone Living, to make its contribution towards tackling the crisis by building affordable housing solutions. Delivering the full range of affordable solutions from general needs family accommodation, older persons schemes and supported housing projects, it is now one of the fasted growing companies in the North East.

Working with key social housing providers, Adderstone Living is delivering hundreds of homes and contributing to new neighbourhoods across the North of England.

Adderstone Living’s  ‘land led’ solutions involve the sourcing of suitable land, scheme design and securing of planning permissions before delivering quality homes, working collaboratively with local authority or housing association clients.

The company was founded by Stephen McCoy and Peter Galbraith, running the business alongside an experienced team of Directors who between them have a wealth of expertise in managing projects across the whole spectrum of affordable provision.

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Stephen McCoy

Stephen McCoy Managing Director, Adderstone Living

New Business-Yorkshire

Debbie Hope

Debbie Hope New Business Director, Adderstone Living

New Business- North East

Harry Bell

Harry Bell Development Director, Adderstone Living

Operations and delivery

Peter Galbraith

Peter Galbraith Operations Director, Adderstone Living